Sleek, Strong, Summer Arms

It’s summer time friends, and that means... tank top season! Below are several exercises that you can add to your regular workout routine that will give you those sleek, strong summer arms that you will want to show off! Try doing these exercises two times a week in addition to your normal exercise routine and see the difference it makes in not only the appearance of your arms and shoulders, but your total upper body strength.

And for those of you participating in the month long Summer Pushup Challenge, by increasing your upper body strength you can improve your pushup count! Remember, whoever improves the most at the end of the challenge wins TWO free sessions!!

Think about this quote this week: "If you want something you have never had, you have to DO what you have never done"!  Thomas Jefferson

What can you do - TODAY- that will help you to reach your goals?


Deltoid Raise to a Scarecrow                         15-25 reps Tricep Extension                                            15-25 reps Bicep Curl straight into a Shoulder Press      15-25 reps Chest Fly laying on ground                             15-25 reps Plank                                                                  1 minute Pushups                                     as many as you can do!

Repeat this arm strength set 2- 3 times with rest and stretching n between sets! Please STRETCH those tired arms 3-5 minutes after the workout!

deltoid raise

tricep extension

chest fly on ground



Blessings, Caroline