Summer Arms and Glutes Sizzler!

Don’t forget the July push up challenge, friends! The last week in July we will be reassessing your push ups for 1 minute. I know you have been working hard and I’m excited to see how everybody has improved! Our winner will have some strong arms, bragging rights, and win TWO free sessions! So…what are you waiting for? HIT THE DECK! Let’s get some sleek, strong arms!

Here is a workout that will work your arms and your glutes! There is still plenty of time to reach your summer goals, or get started on some new ones for the fall! Let’s kick our efforts into high gear for the last 3 weeks of summer!! You will need 1 pair of weights (8 or 10lb dumb bells would be best).

Summer Arms and Glutes Sizzler

Curtsy Lunge with Bicep Curl 12-15 Reps Downward Dog Triangle Pushups 12-15 Reps                                    Squat with a Shoulder Press 12-15                                          

**Wide Arm Pushups 15 Reps Plank hold 10 sec – now alternate pulling knees into chest 30 Reps  Butt Kicks (run in place kicking glutes) 1 minute Repeat this set 3 x

curtsy lunge with curl

downward dog




Blessings, I look forward to seeing you soon! Caroline