Holiday Extravaganza Game!



 Friends! Holidays are around the corner and it is that time of year when we may be stressed and thinking negatively about our bodies and what temptations may lie ahead. This month let’s focus on being thankful for the bodies that we have and taking care of what God has given us! Focus on the positive in both ourselves and life is a reminder we could all use a little more often. Accountability is the missing piece for many people over the holidays. This year, stay accountable to yourself with the Holiday Extravaganza Game!

Details are below! Email me when you would like to come in to weigh! Don’t forget the cardio challenge this week (30 minutes of your favorite cardiovascular exercise) Email me by the end of the 7 days that YOU DID IT and you will be in a drawing for a weekly prize!! Printable calendars are available here.


It’s that time of year again…
Time for the Holiday Extravaganza and time to weigh in BEFORE Thanksgiving! If you would like to participate this year please call or e-mail ( and we can find a time for you to come weigh in!   Please feel free to suggest the game to friends & family. The Game is open to EVERYONE!  The pot could be huge this year… but hopefully everyone will take their money back!
Start: week of November 18th    Finish: week of January 8th
To Play: 1. Any person who wants to play puts $20 in the bucket
2. WEIGH IN (Kept completely confidential)
3. Do your best over the holidays (eat right, exercise, etc.)
4. WEIGH IN the week of Jan 8th...
***If your weight stays the same -- you get your money back! SUCCESS!
***If you gain weight -- your money stays in the bucket.
If you are the biggest loser (I take the % of weight lost) you get to keep ALL the money in the bucket!!! OH YEAH!!! Last year Brionne Antwine won $400 CASH- AFTER Christmas!!
2nd place & 3rd place this year will win an amazing gift basket full of fun fitness prizes!
The National gift certificate
Journey Juice gift certificate
Pure Barre gift certificate
Plane Jane Coupons
Fire & Flavor goodies & cookbook
Nuance Skin Boutique gift certificate
Georgia Cycle Sports gift certificate & goodies
Fresh Market gift certificate
Thirty One bags & coupons
HomeMade gift certificates
Fleet Feet coupons
Fresh Market Gift Certificates & goodies
Earth’s Best Coupons
And many more!
There will also be weekly challenges and prizes for winners!
is the best way to keep YOU accountable over the holiday season!  Let’s DO IT!
Can't wait to see you soon! Blessings, Caroline