3 Day Epic Juice Cleanse Experience

A small journal throughout the 3-day Epic Juice Cleanse from Journey Juice


I started the 3 day Epic cleanse last  week because I knew I would be needing some extra energy for the coming holiday season! Honestly, I had been feeling like my portions had gotten too big, I was grazing without really being hungry,  and I was just not feeling 100%. I decided to purchase a cleanse from Journey Juice. I had been there a few times before and liked a few of their juices (the Carrot Kicker being one of my favorites) so I thought the cleanse was worth a try! I also have had many clients ask me my opinion on a juice cleanse. With the holiday season rapidly approaching there was never a better time than NOW to try out a new health initiative.

Juice cleansing is a great, natural way to free up energy, energy that would normally be used for digestion (70% of your energy each day – that’s a lot just for digestion). The cleanse is NOT a fast. You are drinking up to 8- 16 oz organic juices a day! 

Journey Juice offers three types of cleanses (all products are organic) – first timers (beginner), Intermediate, and Epic. I chose the Epic Cleanse because I love smoothies and juices and if I was going to do it, why not go ALL OUT!

My daily drink order for this cleanse:

1. Carrot Kicker 2. Just Greens 3. Limon Diablo 4. Carrot + Greens 5. Synergy 6. Limon Diablo 7. Synergy 8. Just Greens

I recorded my thoughts in order to give an overview of how a cleanse works and what you’ll experience during one.

Day 1: That morning I drank a cup of green tea and a glass of lemon water before I picked up my large box of 24 - 16 oz juices from Journey Juice. I was nervous but excited about this 3-day challenge! I started the cleanse with the Carrot Kicker – it was very filling and is one of my favorite juices! I was told to drink 1 juice every 2-3 hours so I followed the directions and tried to stay busy throughout the day. Surprisingly, I was not hungry! I drank one cup of green tea at 4pm to give me a bit of extra energy for the evening. I was still up for the challenge and I was not going to give in by having coffee. I did go to bed a bit hungry that night but I did not want any more juice that day!

Day 2: Surprisingly, I was not hungry when I woke up. I had 1 cup of hot green tea, a glass of lemon water, and a Carrot Kicker for breakfast. The Carrot Kicker, organic carrots and fresh ginger, is very refreshing. I felt great and went on an easy jog for 45 minutes. I checked my heart rate to make sure that it was not going crazy but it was completely normal. I was surprised I had enough energy to exercise! My next juice, Just Greens, was not my favorite but I drank it knowing the benefits of all the nutrients that I would need for the day. The kids and I took a walk around the neighborhood and honestly I felt like my eyes were wide open and I had a clear mind. I felt energized! The Synergy Juice was my favorite for the day! That night I went to sleep not feeling hungry and proud that I had not cheated!

Day 3: I felt ready for Carrot Kicker for breakfast, exercised vigorously for 45 minutes, and felt great! I knew this day would be difficult, as we had preplanned lunch plans with friends. But I decided to take my juices along. At lunch concentrating on fellowship and not food was a plus. It was also not nearly as hard as I had imagined. I had no desire to eat! I felt great and was ready to enjoy a relaxing Sunday. My kids actually thought it was comical that I had to keep drinking these juices and by the end of day 3 they wanted to try some (HA!). Kaitlyn (9yrs) said I seemed calmer (wow)!!! I went to bed that night actually not wanting the cleanse to end… So I had a green tea the next morning and carrot juice!

Over the course of the 3 days is it was actually nice to not have to think about what I wanted to eat because it had already been decided for me! I have continued to have green tea instead of coffee and have no cravings though-out the day! My energy level has increased and since the cleanse I just feel clear minded!  I am truly looking forward to my next juice cleanse! 

If you have any questions about my experience email me! I would love your questions/comments!  Blessings, Caroline