And the Winner of the 2014 Holiday Extravaganza is...

The 2014 Holiday Extravaganza was an exciting and rewarding experience for all who joined. Fifty-five people participated this year, and of them, forty-one got their money back! That means forty-one people were able to stay committed and either lose or maintain their weight throughout the holiday season! Wow! That's incredible and I'm so proud of everyone who participated in the challenge!  Here are the results! 


                                                    The Top 10 Winners

  1. Holly Garcia
  2. Megan Whitley
  3. Leah Hobbs
  4. Wynell Harper
  5. Colleen Pruett
  6. Elizabeth Johnson
  7. Angie Sanders
  8. Katie Collins
  9. Denise Spangler
  10. Jennifer Chastain

Holly Garcia had the largest weight loss, losing 6.97% of her body weight! She gets to take home $400 in cash to celebrate!

Holly Garcia

About Holly...

"I joined Holiday Extravaganza a few years ago and never bothered to show back up to weigh in. I didn't need the scale to tell me I had gained weight. This year I decided I was going to take control of the one thing I COULD control...what I put in my mouth. I cut out all processed foods and drank my body weight (in Kg) of water every day. I didn't count calories, but ate smaller portions. I feel that if I'm choosing the right foods to fuel my body there's no need to make it complicated by counting calories. And it's worked. I'm down a total of 19.4 lbs (12.8 lbs. during Holiday Extravaganza) and I plan on continuing this lifestyle. I have my bad days, but I make sure it's just a day and not a week! I never want to go back to that weight again!"

Megan Whitley and Leah Hobbs rounded out the top three with 6.93% and 6.37% of their weight lost, respectively. Both of these lovely women will take home TransFit prize baskets filled with goodies from local companies. 


The real reward for me was seeing how much weight some people lost and hearing how it positively impacted their lives. I know staying healthy over the holidays can be a challenge, especially with all the holiday food and parties, so it was truly inspirational to hear all your stories. Collectively, the participants lost 116 pounds, which is amazing!  To put that in perspective, 116 pounds of fat equates to roughly 738 Big Macs, 2,900 cans of Coke, or 3,867 bananas!

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