NEW TRANSFIT STUDIO OPEN!! Pantry Makeover & LAST CHANCE for January Jump Start Package!

Hello sweet friends! Happy MLK weekend! We have been working hard gettting the new TransFit studio ready for sessions Tuesday. We will be closed Monday but will open the doors at the new TRANSFIT studio located 1225 S. Milledge Avenue Terrace Level (under The Pine in 5 Points) Tuesday for sessions. parking is located right in front of the entrance to the studio on the Terrace level. Please email me with any questions. We are so excited to help you reach your whole body health goals and are excited to see you this week!  

Since we all have an extra long weekend, I wanted to  share with you some of my all time favorite pantry essentials. January is the best time to clean the slate and when you take the time to empty your refrigerator and pantry of the processed, unhealthy items that will not fuel your body properly you are making your first step in your new lifestyle choice! Bringing  clean, nutritious foods into your home for you and your family is a HUGE step in making a lasting change in your health.

If a food is in your possession or located in your home, either you or someone you love will eat it... in other words, keep only food or drinks that you want to consume. If a food and/or drink isn’t conducive to your goals, why would you keep it? The time is now!!! Time to toss those foods that are only going to slow you down from your new, healthy lifestyle! Have VICTORY! 

How to do it

Gather all the unhealthy foods from your fridge and pantry. Get a few big garbage bags. If a certain food has redeeming qualities, please donate it to a local food bank or soup kitchen. Make this a family activity! It would be something fun to do this weekend, especially with Monday off from school and work. If it’s complete junk, trash it! 

But what is complete junk you might ask?

Here’s a general idea of what we mean. Do you have any of the following at home?

Obvious junk foods

·       Chips / Cheetos

·       Chocolates or candy

·       Soda/pop/sweetened drinks

·       Alcohol, especially flavored/sweetened mixed drinks (red wine does have               health benefits)

·       Instant foods like cake mixes and mashed potatoes

·       Margarine and other processed fats

·       Most frozen dinners

·       Bowls of candy or other snacks sitting around 

Sneaky "Health" Foods

These are foods that seem healthy but aren’t. They are labeled as "organic" or "natural" or "healthy", when in reality they are processed, full of sugar and just as bad if not worse for you than other obvious options!

·       Sweetened yogurt and frozen yogurt (check those labels!)

·       Most breads and bagels! Bagels have been deemed as “healthy” while most are loaded with carbs and have no nutritional value! Try half a whole wheat bagel or whole wheat English muffin instead of a whole, flavored one.

·       Most breakfast cereals

·       Crackers, even the whole grain ones

·       Most fruit, cereal, and/or granola bars with over 12 grams of sugar

A good rule here is to check the labels. Look for forms of sugar such as high fructose corn syrup as well as hydrogenated oil, fractioned oil, and preservatives.

Another way to figure out what you don’t want, when in doubt ask yourself a few questions:

1.    Does this food come in a bag, box, or plastic package?

2.    Does it have more than 5 ingredients on the label?

3.    Can you pronounce all of those ingredients?

4.    How far away is this food from what it used to be? 

5.    Is this food perishable? Just about anything good for you goes bad quickly.  

Now it’s time to restock! Here is our TransFit Getting Started Guide from our January Jump Start (which you can still order)! This list will be perfect in helping you restock your household with essential items for healthy living!


 For the meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, workouts, and inspiration that pair with this guide you can purchase the January Jump Start JUST IN TIME for two more weeks of January! And for only $19.99!! This is your year - make a commitment to making 2016 your best year yet! 2016 IS the year that you will make a lasting change for your health- body, mind and spirit!

One of the services we offer here at TransFit is Nutrition Consulting, and with the help of our new fabulous Advanced Nutrition Specialist, Katie Woodall, TransFit would love to walk with you step by step in cleaning out your house and re-stocking it with nutritious, healthy foods for you and your family. We would love to meet with you in our new studio or our Team can come to your home for nutritional assistance. For various packages, head on over to the shop and email to with an inquiries! 

Have a wonderful long weekend with your family, friends! I hope you will take this time to spend some extra time shopping and prepping your household to be as healthy as possible so that you can fuel your body properly and use it to serve the Lord!