Exciting October Transformation News!

Happy October, sweet friend!

Wow, can you believe it is October?! Each of you worked so hard in September, gaining whole body strength! This month we want to focus on optimism in October. Each new month can be a fresh start with renewed motivation and willpower to reach  new goals and follow a healthy lifestyle. As the month progresses and the craziness of holidays start, we often struggle to remain as driven and focused. Please understand this is normal- let our TransFit Team help you transform- not only in body but in mind too!

Check out the new schedule below with new sessions & times, bible study, middle school sessions,  and more 1-1 session times available for you! We are excited to offer a new 5:30 AM session- HIIT Cardio Workout on Thursday mornings! Come join us!

How can you transform in October? Accountability. An accountability partner can be someone who is attempting to live a healthy lifestyle as well, and a person who can encourage you in all areas of life- body, mind, and spirit. This is your "go-to" person when you are feeling stressed, discouraged, don't think you have enough time to fit in a workout, struggling to have a quality quiet time, or facing any of life's many obstacles.

Proverbs 27 says, we weren't meant to do this life alone. God has intended for us to live this life together, and by doing so we "sharpen" one another and make each other better. Take the time to seek out an accountability partner. Make this October your best month leading into the holiday season!  

Part of your accountability can be to encourage one another through our October challenge! This October we are challenging each of you to exercise DAILY, whether it be a workout here at TransFit, running or walking for your cardio, yoga and stretching, or trying one of our workouts on the app! We want you to use this calendar to write down your workout each day! At the end of the month, bring in your calendar for a chance to be entered into a drawing for a $100 TransFit Credit and a Live TransFormed Tank. If you want to share with your friends your challenge, use the hashtag #TFoctoberchallenge to see what others are doing and to encourage one another! 

We are so excited to take this challenge together and look forward to seeing all that you accomplish. If you need any ideas for workouts, check our app or go to the TRANSFORM tab of our website! If you have any questions, please email us at transfitathens@gmail.com. Enjoy encouraging one another and unlocking the key to total transformation! 


Team TransFit