adherence chart

Motivation in March!


We have survived a very cold and wintry February! Let’s clean the slate and move forward into March! March is going to be the month of motivation!!!

Photo by Jared Zimmerer

Definition: Motivation is defined as the process that initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. Motivation is what causes us to act, whether it is getting a glass of water to reduce thirst or reading a book to gain knowledge.

It involves the biological, emotional, social and cognitive forces that activate behavior. In everyday usage, the term motivation is frequently used to describe why a person does something.

SO what is going to MOTIVATE you in MARCH?  Spring coming, Easter, work, a fun trip, a health issue, a family issue, a stress issue?  We are each going to write down ONE GOAL we want to accomplish in March! Get FIRED UP! GET MOTIVATED! You have 4 full weeks in March to MAKE IT happen!  If you need help establishing a goal, or refining one that you already have I am always here for you.

One thing I've found that helps keep me motivated is to stay accountable. Talk to a friend, spouse, or family member about some of the things you want to accomplish this month, and make a plan. Then stick to it! A tool I'm offering this month is an accountability chart. 



The link above will allow you to download a PDF file of my March adherence chart. When you open it you will find a place to write a goal, then a chart for filling in workouts and meals. This is a great way to track your progress and uncover any patterns that may be helping or hurting your goals. For example, if you find that on Tuesdays it is especially hard to stick to your nutrition goals, try preparing an easy, healthy crock pot meal to take the stress out of cooking dinner. If you find that eating three meals a day leaves you craving more at night, try breaking up your day into five smaller meals. I am always available to discuss lifestyle changes so you can be as happy and healthy as possible!

Don't give yourself reasons why you can't this month. Give yourself reasons why you can! Believe in yourself and you can achieve these goals!