Nutrition Consulting

Nutrition Counseling 1st session – $85/hr

This session includes one 55 minute Initial Consultation with one of our certified nutritionists followed by a comprehensive body evaluation (body measurements, body weight and Body Mass Index, BMI, and body fat percentage calculations).

We will have a discussions on how to reach your specific health goals. Depending on your specific goals, one week customized meal plan will be sent once the appropriate program is determined. Maintenance Nutrition sessions are suggested for optimal results.

Maintenance Nutrition Sessions


Includes body weight review and analysis, question & answer, review of food journal, and menu plan for the following week. 4 week minimum is suggested for optimal results.

$150 per month- includes customized meal plans with check-in

$30 per 25 minute sessions

$75 per hour consultations in TransFit Studio

$95 off site consultations (in home or office)

For inquiry about these plans, please email

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The TransFit Team is Certified by Precision Nutrition. We specialize in exercise and sports nutrition. Through nutritional consulting, the TransFit team can help you change and improve your nutrition habits whether you are a beginner or advanced client.