True life transformation begins by acknowledging your need for His love and accepting His plan for a healthy lifestyle.”


As an experienced personal trainer and author of the bible study Live Transformed, TransFit's founder and owner Caroline Ward has discovered her passion in life is helping women grow closer to the Lord through honoring Him with their bodies. Being a certified nutritionist, running coach and trainer she has the qualifications and years of experience that have shown methods that work to create lasting changes not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. Caroline's testimony and encouraging approach to whole-life transformation has helped transform many lives inside and out, equipping women to live their absolute best and healthiest life in every aspect.

Speaking Engagement Sessions

  • Living Transformed

We want you to understand that being healthy is so much more than a means to an end. Through this session we will address the different areas of life and how God wants to reign in all of them. This session will focus on breaking down what it looks like to transform your body, mind and spirit to achieve whole body health. This topic is appropriate for women of all ages, backgrounds and stages of life! This presentation will cover a variety of topics and leave you with a handout to take home.

  • Living your best full life

As a mother of 3 and a full time business owner and operator, Caroline has experience in living what she calls a "full" life. Through this session Caroline will share with you some of the ways she gets through the fullest of days, yet always makes her spiritual, physical and mental health a priority. Discover how you can make time for your health even when it seems like your world is busier than ever. This topic is geared towards busy mothers and college students with especially hectic and demanding schedules. 

  • Transforming Nutrition

We believe exercise is a form of worship, but often people focus on exercise and neglect the upmost importance of nutrition. With so many beliefs on the "correct" diet or way of eating out there, finding a solid nutritional plan that will not only work for you but also your family is more difficult than ever. Allow Caroline to break down why fueling your body properly works and is very achievable, even if you have little ones to feed! Our bodies are a temple and it is so important that we treat them with care, so let TransFit help you feed your body so it will feel and perform it's absolute best. This topic is great for women of all ages and stages of life. You will leave with your choice of meal plans and recipes or a healthy pantry handout (typically exclusive to nutrition clients)



Caroline was featured in the University of Georgia J.M. Tull School of Accounting 2016-2017 Annual Report. Check out the pictures of the report below!

If you are interested in booking Caroline for an appearance from the topics above, or would like a presentation specifically geared towards your business/organization, please complete the Appearance Request Form. She can specifically gear your session towards a wide variety of health and fitness related topics as shown in this video of her session with the University of Georgia's baseball team.

"Do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind" Romans 12:2