The Studio

 1225 S. Milledge Avenue
Terrace Level below The Pine

Achieve Your Whole Body Health Goals

There are many people who are too intimidated to work out in a large gym. There is no need to worry about that here, as the workout facility is located in the heart of 5 Points, but with a convenient lower level entrance for added privacy. This not only allows you to work out in privacy, but it also allows me to give more personal attention to my clients and not have to worry about phones ringing, answering others' questions and all the other hectic activities that go on in crowded gyms.

My fully equipped studio is complete with a treadmill, elliptical trainers, upright bikes, spin bikes, mats, jump ropes, boxing gloves and mitts, exercise balls, body bars, resistance bands, incline/decline benches, and dumbbells. I provide water, towels and lots of moral support. There are changing rooms and a bathroom available for those who have plans before/after their session.

Information on Studio Training Sessions

See this month's studio calendar below.


Please download our Medical History Form and bring it with you. Just click here to download the form.


The schedule is flexible and TransFit would like to accommodate your needs. Appointments are scheduled hourly with the first available at  5:30 am. 

Monday - Friday Sessions 

5:30 am - 7:00 pm daily - by appointment

*Please provide 24 hour notice for cancellations or changes.
*For your first visit, please allow 1 hour for consultation & evaluation.

Sessions Pricing for 2018

1-1 Personal Training Session

$75 for 1-1 55 minute session*

$40 for 1-1 30 minute session*

A 1-1 session allows you to meet with one of our trainers or nutrition consultant about you personal fitness or nutrition.

55 minute 1-1 or small group personal training sessions

$85 1st Session (Includes comprehensive
consultation, Advanced Health & Fitness Binder, goal assessment, and 30 minute 1-1 workout)

$20-25 per session small group personal training  depending on package for small group personal training (55 minutes session --8 people max). Please check the TransFit app or Mind Body (search TransFit for package options)

TransFit TransFormer Session

Monday-Friday 55 minute total session time

This 50 minute high intensity circuit training session targets aerobic fitness and muscular endurance simultaneously. In a TransFormer session, clients (up to 16 clients together) work through a series of 12-18 strength training exercises for a set time with little rest between exercises. We use exercise equipment, body weight exercises, agility training, and balance training and more and conclude with 3-5 minutes of stretching and inspiration for a total body transforming workout.  Available in 55 minute sessions or TransFormer Express during the lunch hour which will be a 45 minute session.

$17- 1 session

$65- 4 sessions

$150- 10 sessions

$250- 20 sessions




We accept all payments through MindBody Online. Payments due when services are rendered. If accounts are not paid in full by the 5th of each month, a $20 late fee will be charged. TransFit accepts cash, checks, and all major credit cards. A session fee will be charged if 24 hour notice is not received.