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Holiday Extravaganza Countdown & 3 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes!

Sweet friends! We are getting so close to the start of our Holiday Extravaganza Challenge! Can you believe it?? If you haven't yet- email me to set up a weigh-in appointment and join in on the party!! Email me at

If you are unsure- check out the results from last year here! AMAZING! Collectively, the participants lost 116 pounds!!!  To put that in perspective, 116 pounds of fat equates to roughly 738 Big Macs, 2,900 cans of Coke, or 3,867 bananas! Check out the winner from last year! Please read her story in the above link. 

First prize wins the cash in the bucket!!! 2nd prize will be an entire outfit donated by Lulu Lemon Athens that you can pick out! 3rd & 4th prize will be some awesome gift baskets with donated items from local businesses! Super great prizes!! But the best prize - that you are feeling amazing January 1st 2016! 

I am hearing so many great stories from you about the success you have had with your Food Journal Challenge this week which is GREAT practice for holding yourself accountable as you prepare for the holidays! You have a few days left- keep up the great work and email us photos of your journal (written or MyFitnessPal), we would LOVE to encourage you and praise you for your hard work! 

As we look ahead to next week starting the challenge, we must start to think about the holiday season and what all it is going to hold. If you are like me, you've already begun to think about all the dishes you will have to prepare, events you will be going to and the full (yet wonderful!) schedule the next few weeks hold. Amidst all of this we have to stay focused on our goals and be diligent even through the holidays! Our client spotlight Tina Carpenter said in her article "Just live, learn and laugh along the way…and enjoy your life as you strive each day to be your best. If you are misguided or if you make mistakes, shake it off and get back on your bath to being the best you can be!" That is the mindset I encourage us all to have this season! There will be times when we will have a treat that maybe we didn't plan for or a day when we will miss a workout- BUT what is important is that you do not allow that to completely take your eyes off of your goals and your progress. If you put that small slip behind you but get right back on track, you will find that you are even better than before!! Patience and perseverance will be the name of the game!!