September Client Spotlight: Katie Woodall!


This month I chose to spotlight a good friend and client, Katie Woodall. Katie is a bright star in my life as she was one of my very first clients over five years ago! Katie continually shows me how anything is possible when you are committed to a goal and are willing to make POSITIVE changes to your life to achieve those goals! She set her mind on losing some pregnancy weight after giving birth to her third child, Cami, and within 4 months, Katie has reached her goal! She continues to amaze me in all areas of her life! Katie has really been diligent with her nutrition and is always pushing herself to be the best she can for her family!  Katie's story will inspire and teach us that any goal is achievable if you take them one step at a time!

Katie Woodall

In her own words...

My first session with Caroline was almost five years ago. To this day, I remind her that she changed my life! Because of her inspiration, I came to love exercise and learned the importance of caring for my body both mentally and physically and how to fuel my body (and my family’s) with healthy food.

Fast forward several years and here I am -- back at Transfit! I gave birth to my third child, a beautiful baby girl in February. As soon as I was cleared to exercise by my doctor, I literally hit the ground running. And like I tell Caroline often, I was ready to “get my biceps back!” Fitting into non-maternity clothes was also high on my priority list. Not to mention, more energy to take care of my three precious children (Kara, Lane & Cami) and my husband (Justin).

My goal was to train with Caroline once a week and exercise on my own 4-5 times in between sessions. I thrive off of Caroline’s encouragement and weekly inspiration. I need her accountability to succeed in my goals. I was easily reminded of that during summer vacation!

It’s not easy some days finding time to exercise, especially now with three little ones. But to me, it’s not about finding’s about making time to exercise. I can come up with a thousand excuses not to work out, but I usually never regret a workout once it’s done. Right now, I prefer to work out in the evenings. As soon as the kids are tucked into bed, I’m lacing up my tennis shoes and running out the door for a quick 30-45 minute run.

I try to run a few times during the week. Never thought I’d say this, but I have come to really enjoy it. I set very small goals in the beginning -- walking and then trying to run 1 mile, slowly increasing to a minimum of 3 miles. I’ve also been joining Caroline’s Tuesday morning running group. I assure you, I am not the fastest! But it feels so great when you pull out of the Ramsey parking lot knowing you just ran 5 miles, your workout for the day is done, and guaranteed you’ll make healthier choices the rest of your day! It’s a win-win.

Life can be crazy sometimes with kids and busy schedules, but getting in a quick workout helps me clear my mind and de-stress from a long day. I also love to take Jazzercise classes. It’s hard planning around my 6-month-old’s nap schedule, so right now I take one weekend class for an hour of fun music and dancing.

Since starting back with TransFit about four months ago, I’ve lost 15 pounds, and I’m just 3 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight! My maternity clothes are officially boxed up and I’m ready to pull out my old blue jeans. I feel great! Choosing healthy foods and exercising through the week helps keep me energized and focused.

I would like to continue to increase my running distance and improve my pace and endurance. I can already tell my heart rate is steadily lowering during my runs. I’ve run a couple of 5k races, but my goal is to run a 10k and eventually a half-marathon (there...I said it, Caroline!) And of course, I want to continue toning up this 30-something-year-old body.

But to me, it’s not all about losing weight and getting fit. I want to set a good example for my family. I want my kids to also learn how to fuel their bodies (it’s not easy with picky eaters!) and to live an active lifestyle. We have many years ahead of us, and I want to be healthy so I can be the best mother and wife to my family.


Katie's favorite Post Workout Smoothie:

From Two Peas and Their Pod

Simple Green Smoothie:

1 cup almond milk 1/2 cup old-fashioned rolled oats 1/2 cup non-fat plain Greek yogurt 1 cup spinach or kale 1/2 or 1 frozen banana