Holiday Hustle Workout for the entire family!

Sweet friends! 

This weekend was such a full, fun weekend  with holiday parties and Kaitlyn, Lyla and I were able to have my sweet god-sister (Mal)  to film a super high energy Christmas workout!! We are really getting into the Christmas spirit here at the Ward house!  I hope you and your entire family can enjoy this fun, holiday workout! 

Please share it with us if you do-- we would love to see!! #holidayhustle


I have heard so many awesome stories of success during the Holiday Extravaganza!! Keep up the GREAT work! Everyone is fighting hard for the prizes- reaching so many goals and keeping to your healthy lifestyles even through the holidays. I am so proud of all of you! Keep up the good work! 

Also, we want to provide TransFit clients all over the United States the most effective whole body experience!  I would love if you could take 30 seconds to fill out this quick survey so that we know how to serve you better in 2016!

Start your Monday off strong! Remember to take part in this week's  WATER challenge (drinking 100 oz daily) and keep up the GREAT work! Focus this week on remaining diligent in your meal planning, workouts and rest as next week will be crazy for all of us. Let's also take time this week to focus on and remember the true reason for this season. As we go to all of our parties, events and gatherings let's remember the reason we celebrate! Spend some extra time to thanking God for sending us His son! HE is the reason we have life!!

Let us be intentional about remembering to honor Him with our whole bodies this week.

Blessings, Caroline