Amazing Client Spotlight- Sarah Ellen Cain

This month at Transfit, we are going to be focused on optimism! With Optimism in October, we will remain positive and focused by using accountability partners and by keeping a daily food journal that includes a gratitude for each day.

As this verse says, we will not grow weary in doing good for we will reap a harvest of blessings if we don't give up. This month, we will focus on giving our best in every area of our lives. While at times this may be challenging, holding each other accountable and remaining focused on having an inner joy and optimism will pay off in the end.



This month, our client spotlight is an incredible example of staying motivated and optimistic as she strives for her goals. Amazing Sarah Ellen Cain, a sweet college student who comes to the Transformers session at TransFit is taking control of her health by staying dedicated, committed, and motivated through college with her body, mind, and spirit! 

With college being such an easy time to fall off track as students leave the familiarity of  home and enter into a world of new activities, difficult classes and packed schedules- finding time for proper nutrition and exercise can be tough! I hope both college students and all busy women will be motivated and inspired by Sarah Ellen's perseverance and dedication to her health! 

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Sarah Ellen's Journey

"I have always been very active, from gymnastics at a young age to competitive and sideline cheerleading in high school, so having a summer without cheer everyday was strange. I didn’t like sitting around and knew I wanted and needed to do something.  As I was finishing my senior year of high school and kicking off the summer, I began talking to my parents about my fears of college, one of which being, the “freshman 15”. I knew that my health and nutrition was about to fall completely on me and I would no longer have my mom preparing healthy, nutritional meals for me. I wanted to get a jump-start on my health and nutrition before beginning college. Therefore, I began working out this summer at Transfit and to say it is and was one of the biggest blessings for me is an understatement. Caroline and all the ladies at TransFit welcomed me in with open arms and worked alongside me to push me further than I could have imagined.  

During the summer, I worked out twice a week at Transfit and would do some sort of cardio exercise, whether running, walking, or swimming on the days I wasn’t at TransFit doing strength training. I also worked with Caroline on my nutrition throughout the summer. I learned how to keep a food journal and chart the foods I was eating to become cognizant of the foods I was putting in my body and the affects they had on me. While exercise is so beneficial, I found that my changes in my diet helped tremendously in how I felt, the energy I had, and the ways it made me want to work even harder in the gym. Now in college, I work out once a week at TransFit. It is definitely harder to find large amounts of time to set aside for working out, but I know that I must do it and make it happen. When I am unable to go the Ramsey Center for workouts, I do circuits in my dorm room. Additionally, I walk to all of my classes and around campus. The buses are always available, but I feel better and more engaged when I walk to and from class. Quickly, I learned that UGA is far from a flat campus; so walking around a large campus definitely increases my daily mileage.

Exercising allows me to step away from whatever is going on in my week or at school and to take time to let it all out. I often get stressed or worried about what I have coming up or have during the day, but taking an hour or so to have time for myself and workout has been a huge help. Also, Transfit is one of the most encouraging places I go. It is a blessing to me because it is a place of community, energy, and faith that balance so well together and allow me to push myself while working out. I love coming in each week and getting to spend time with such amazing women, who push me to become a better person, both in and outside the gym

While many people have races and huge weight loss gains to celebrate, I am celebrating the ability to go and workout at TransFit as a college student. Each week I look forward to my day at TransFit and spending an hour with Caroline and the amazing women in the studio. It’s not everyday that you get to be in such an uplifting environment that can typically be one of disappointment and disapproval.

Coming into Transfit, I had one goal in mind, to lose weight. However, I realized there is a lot more to just losing weight and that it should not be my one and only goal. My fitness goal is to tone my body, lose unnecessary body fat, and have energy. Nutritionally, I am working to cut out the “junk” foods and implement a healthier diet and lifestyle. I am determined to drink more water and eat more protein. While the dining hall is very tempting to throw everything that I have learned out the door, I am reminded of my goals that I am working toward and that I am trying to achieve balance.  

After my first week of working out, I felt determined to change my lifestyle. Let’s be real, that first work out- I didn’t think I was going to make it. So after that first day, I went home and wanted to make a change instantly. In addition to working out, I sat down with Caroline for Nutrition Counseling. I’ve always been told to cut calories and you will see results, so I would try to just cut everything out and never be able to stick with a diet, but this was so different and so much better. Caroline encouraged me and made me feel like I could take little steps to change my diet, in order to see a bigger effect than I had ever seen before. Not only did this help me during the summer, but also it helped me know how to prepare for college. I was able to learn about good, wholesome snacks to eat and that I need to watch the types of food and nutrients I consume. I now enjoy grocery shopping each week to buy healthy foods and snacks to keep in the dorm. 

I have always loved Peanut Butter, so one of my favorite recipes is the Peanut Butter Treat Smoothie! After beginning my workouts at TransFit, I was determined to find ways to still enjoy some of my favorite foods, but in more beneficial ways.  This was definitely one of my favorites that I can enjoy after a tough workout!"

Peanut Butter Treat Smoothie

1 cup almond milk

1 frozen banana

1 tsp cinnamon

1 serving vanilla protein powder

1 tbsp ground flax seed

1 serving PB 2 (or tsp peanut butter)

1 cup crushed ice

*sometimes add in a cup of spinach


Sarah Ellen's theme verse

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith. Who for the joy set before him he endured the cross, scoring its shame and sat down at the right hand side of the throne of God.”  Hebrews 12:1-2

Congratulations Sarah Ellen! Keep inspiring all those who cross your path!

You are truly beautiful! 

Blessings, Caroline