ABSolutely committed for August

ABSolutely Committed for August

Happy August!

A new school year is about to begin, schedules are changing, and you are going to achieve your goals this month! This August we are focusing on committing to our goals! August is a perfect time to make a new exercise plan and commit to making 2016 your best year! Make exercise a priority and come join us in the studio! Whether this is your very first time or you have been a loyal client for years, we are so excited to get to spend this August with you! 

Today is the day to realize that you are a product of your choices. Small choices you make each day become habits. Habits lead you directly into your goals! Goals are such an important part of your transformation because it gives you an idea of what you are working for in life. Your goals are made specifically for you and by you!  In addition to setting goals, we want to encourage you to have accountability partner. Let this August be a time that you use accountability in exercising, nutrition, and faith. Let this August be a time where you break down your bigger goals into daily habits and achieve your dreams

Make sure to download our NEW APP. This app will allow you access to recipes, workouts, inspiration, and allow you to sign up for classes directly through our personalized app. The app links directly though Mind Body so any credit you have will be carried forward. We are offering a middle school girls session beginning August 15. If you, your daughter, or anyone you know of would be interested in joining this session, you can sign up for the program on the new app! If you have any questions about the app or how to find categories within in the app, please email us at transfitathens@gmail.com

Let's make this August one to remember! Stay ABsolutely committed to your goals- starting today! We believe in YOU! If you would like to meet with one of our trainers or nutrition consultants one-on-one please let us know. You can sign up for these 1-1 sessions on the TransFit app!  We would love to set up an opportunity to meet with you to help you reach your whole body health goals! Clean the slate, August is a new month!  


Team TransFit