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TransFit Spring Break Travel Workout!!

Hello friends! We know Spring Break is just around the corner and so I've teamed up with our newest trainer to bring you a GREAT travel workout! 

Shelley is certified with American College of Sports Medicine and she is eager to start inspiring ladies to live transformed!   We hope you enjoy this awesome workout and will join us in praying for Shelley as she becomes a part of Team TransFit! Please see our new schedule to add in new sessions for March ! 

Changing lifestyle habits to incorporate regular exercise can be challenging at first, especially when there’s always something that disrupts our routine.  The key is to set goals and make your health a priority! Start right where you are with what you can do, and make weekly goals to progress.  If you would like some guidance in this journey, we are more than willing to help you set specific goals and reach them here at TransFit! To get you started, here’s a workout you can do anywhere, any time! With spring break trips coming up and weekend travel as the weather warms, it’s good to plan ahead for your workouts as you would plan ahead what clothes to pack. Keep up your healthy lifestyle through your vacation to feel great and energized on your trip, then slip right back into your routine when you return home! Toss a resistance band into your bag and you can do this workout on the go! Always be sure to warm up for at least 5 minutes before your workout, adding a cool down and stretch afterwards.

Set an interval timer for rounds of 45 seconds with a 30 second cardio interval. It will take you 20 minutes to complete. You’ll get cardio and strength training in this workout by alternating through each! Pick a cardio option for those rounds. Challenge yourself here! Stick with one cardio or rotate through a few to work different muscles and challenge your body. Check out the video for demonstrations of the exercises!

Cool down and stretch, or repeat workout! Let us know how you do! Tag us on Instagram @transfitathens! A video of this workout can be found in the Transform section of our website as well as here on YouTube!




Also as we move into March (can you believe it?!) here is the calendar for the studio! If you are interested in becoming a client, email us! In the mean time, be sure to check out the Live Transformed bible study and our other ebook or meal plan options, as those are the next best thing! You can find the study and others in the shop here:


So thankful for Shelley and so thankful for all of you! Let's get excited for the warm weather headed this way and give extra thanks today for the One who has given us the beautiful spring weather! Have a wonderful weekend, precious friends! 

Team Transfit