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Celebrate YOU with a total body strengthening home workout!

Sweet friends, 

WOW! May is off to a great start! We are so proud of everyone who is taking our Total Transformation May Challenge!!! If you haven't started yet, it's NOT too late to start! We want you to join us for the May transformation challenge! We believe in YOU and know you can do it! In order to advance the challenge, you can find a FREE week meal plans and recipes on the TRANSFORM tab of our website! 

As we make this May our best month, we want to invite you to our Celebrate Women Week! NEXT WEEK, we will be celebrating YOU! Join us for a week full of fun sessions and giveaways at EVERY session. We are partnering with lululemon Athens to offer you a week full of celebrating you as inspiring, beautiful, strong women! lululemon will be hosting a trunk show Monday 9-11am and Saturday 9- 11am for all you amaizng ladies! Let's make exercise our medicine, while celebrating all that we have to be thankful for as women! 

As we make exercise our medicine, we want to share a workout you can do from home! This workout will allow you to get that 1 point for the challenge! We are sharing our runner's workout. This workout is made for everyone. Whether you are a runner or don't consider yourself a runner, we encourage you to try this workout! 

We can't wait to see you this week in the studio! We hope that you make plans to join us next week for Celebrate Women Week!!! Sign up for your sessions on our app! We are so proud of you! Keep up the hard work! 


Team TransFit

❤️ Love Your Body! New Runner's Home Workout!

Happy Tuesday! 

We want to encourage you to live faithfully fit this February! So many fun 5k races in the coming weeks and we want your to be prepared to be your best! Today, we want to share with you our Transform Runner's Workout! In the midst of your "full" week, this is a great quick workout to help strengthen your core, quads, and glutes! Set your timer for minute intervals, completing the workout for a 45 second blast of exercise with a 15 second rest! Don't forget to get in 2- 3 sets! Check out the video below to see the each exercise! 

transform runner workout.PNG

Check our schedule to see our new sessions! We would love to see you in the studio this week! Come join us Thursday's at 12:30 for our Live Transformed Bible Study! If you have any questions, please email us at for more information! 


Team TransFit 


On Your Mark, Get Set, RUN!

Happy Friday beautiful friend- we made it! Enjoy and give your best the last day of this beautiful week! Make each and every day count on your journey to total body transformation! Exciting Friday 6 am come join us for our new Free Runners Workout! Please sign up for this session on Mind Body so we know you are coming! We will meet at TransFit parking lot at 6am next Friday! All friends are welcome to join! The TransFit Team wants to help you reach your whole body health goals and getting in extra cardio is always essential! All you need is your running shoes and a smile! 

If you are not a "runner" walking and jogging is just as important for your transformation. Meet below, Lisa Patton, our new TransFit Running Coach and Lisa tells us her Top 10 Reasons to Run below! Come out of your comfort zone and try out this new workout- walkers, joggers, runners, sprinters are all welcome as we encourage & inspire each other to be our best! 

Car                                             Caroline Ward & Lisa Patton

Car                                            Caroline Ward & Lisa Patton

As we dive into summer, I am thrilled to come alongside you in your whole body fitness journey. I have meet many of you at early morning TransFit sessions and look forward to seeing more of your smiling faces during our Runners Workout. I am TransFit’s Running Coach, Lisa Patton, and running is my favorite way to get my cardio!

We are combining running with specific strength exercises that focus on glutes, legs, and core to get the ultimate cardio and strength workout. TransFit’s ideal location allows us the opportunity to take advantage of the UGA track. Our Runners Workout will start at TransFit with a walk/jog to the track. Using body weight strength exercises we will fire up muscles groups needed to be healthy runners. On the track we will get our hearts pumping as we build a strong cardiovascular foundation for our healthy lifestyle. A walk/ jog back to TransFit will cool us down and have us ready for essential stretches. 

Why run for cardio? Here are my top 10 reason’s Running is my FAVORITE CARDIO! 

Lisa’s Top 10 Reason’s to RUN! 

Hebrews 12:1-2

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.”

10. To achieve goals! 

There is a variety of goals to be set for a run; finishing a workout, going farther, going faster, and more. As an added bonus, setting and achieving goals boost your confidence and self esteem!

9. To tone legs and butt! 

Not only is running an awesome heart pumping workout, it also serves as strength training for your legs and booty! When running your lower body carries your entire body weight and with each run your bones and muscles get stronger.

8. You can do it anywhere. 

At the park, in the city, in the neighborhood, or on the beach you can run. If the weather doesn’t allow, hit the treadmill.

7. Running burns serious calories. 

Typically running can burn an estimate of 100 calories per 10 minutes depending on pace. Jogging/Running helps us keep a healthy body weight. After a run be ready to fuel your body with healthy food choices.

6. Running gets you outdoors to enjoy God’s beautiful creation. 

God has giving us such an incredible world to enjoy. Even if your not going to stop and smell the flowers during your cardio workout, you can look around and smile and thank God for His awesome work.

5. Running reduces stress! 

Not that any of us have stress in our lives, but just in case please note: Minutes into your run your brain begins to release hormones that naturally improve your mood, making you calmer and more relaxed....YES, PLEASE.

4. Running can be family time. 

Your run can include the kids biking beside you or a chat with your husband about weekend plans. A run can look like a fun game of chase with the entire family. When its race time the family can be there cheering you on or running beside you.

3. Running is SOCIAL! 

It is amazing how much better you feel after a run with your friends. It’s a time to encourage each other, sometimes vent, and then encourage again. It’s a recipe swap and family activity planning. It’s also a chance to get to know someone new and make friendships that will always share a special bond.

2. Alone time. 

I know I just raved about running being fun with family and friends, but sometimes it also a time to be alone. A time to clear your mind, to be quiet, to think, to daydream, to pray, to listen.



God has giving us such amazing gifts; our bodies, our friends, our health, our minds, our world, our family. These are just a few of the things we are reminded of and can praise Him for on a run! 

“You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous” Psalm 139:13-14

We would love to see you at our next running session! In addition to the running session, you can get your whole family involved in running! Try our new ebook- Kids Couch to 5K. This ebook features a couch to 5K program, runner's workouts, healthy snacks and recipes, and more! You can purchase the ebook online at the TransFit Athens shop. Email us at if you have any questions! 

Enjoy your weekend! Remember the June goals you have set! 

Try the runner's workout this weekend! Let us know how we can help you! We can't wait to see you in studio or on the track next week! 


Team TransFit