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Kids get active! Family Couch to 5k Program!


Summer is a great time to be outside -running for fun, or training for a race. I love talking with mothers who are doing both, and they tell me how much their kids want to run with them. It's always a great idea to get your child to start a healthy habit, but we need to be cautious about the right way to do so. Just because children seem hyperactive and energetic, doesn't mean they'll be ready to run a few miles right off the bat! Kids need a plan, just as adults do, and they need incentives along the way. Download the chart below for a Kids Couch to 5k Program. This program is designed to gradually build up endurance through 10 stages until they are ready to run for 30 minutes straight! Add in games like a scavenger hunt,capture the flag, or dodge ball as fun running games! Start this program with your kids for some fun family bonding, and you may even spark a passion for a lifetime of running on the way!

kids couch to 5k

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Even though this program is designed for children, it can be used by anyone to train for a 5k. If you find it hard to start the regimen by yourself or with your children Transfit offers customized running plans for people of all ages and levels- we love walkers too!!!

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Remember to stay hydrated and to stretch with any physical activity for best results!


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