Drawing Strength from Philippians 4:8

philippians 4;8

The month of October we have focused our thoughts on  Philippians 4:8… ”whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”

This verse has really come alive for me through reading the book The 4:8 Principle and through exploring the power of positive thoughts in my own life. I hope it will come alive for you too as we move into the crazy holiday season. Draw strength from it to remember your blessings and triumphs, especially on difficult days.


I wanted to share this excerpt that I read today from the Daniel Plan. It reminds me of how important our thoughts are when are trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

By: Rick Warren

“Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts.”(Proverbs 4:23 TEV)

But there’s a better option: Change your autopilot. The same is true with your health habits. To make a lasting change, you must change how you think. Behind everything you do — even your unhealthy habits — is a thought that keeps you from getting healthy.


So friends, I challenge you to change your mindset today!

Tell yourself TODAY is the day I am going to live a healthy lifestyle!

I challenge you to stop making excuses, and start making progress towards reaching your goals! 

As Rick Warren stated, the first step in this is changing our autopilots. Do you typically reach for a soda during lunch or after a long day at work? For a week, try reaching for water or green tea instead. At first it may be difficult but the more you repeat this action, the more ingrained it will become in your mind until it is a habit.

However, this isn't enough unless you also change your thoughts to accompany your new habits. Instead of thinking about how much eating healthy stinks or what you are missing out on, think about the positives of your new choices.  Think about all the amazing foods that you CAN eat! Eating healthy, well-balanced meals will give you more energy and focus during the day, and will provide health benefits in the long term. Regular exercise will allow you to explore the beautiful world around you, and may help you meet some new friends that share your passions.

Please remember that you don't have to do any of this alone. Make a commitment with your family members to eat healthier and support this goal by not keeping junk food in the house. Try a new class at the gym or join a fitness club related to your passions to meet new friends who will hold you accountable to keep exercising. Encourage other friends to meet up for an activity outside, such as a walk around the park, instead of meeting for coffee.

As always, I am available to help with nutrition and different types of exercise. Meal planning can be so helpful during these busy months ahead. Also, if you are looking to run a race or begin running I have recently become a Certified Newton Running Coach. Email me at transfitathens@gmail.com or click on the appropriate tab on the blog on my website www.transfitathens.com for specifics on services on meal planning, personal training, and running coaching.

Blessings and positive thoughts for this week,