Unbelievable Barrow Buddies Transformation!


Our TransFit word for March was Commit! Go all in, all heart and all mind, and take action with your nutrition, your exercise, and your spirit to giving your best! Thank you amazing ladies for working so hard to maximize your motivation in March! When I think about commitment, dedication and doing all things with your whole heart I think about these incredible ladies who all work at Barrow Elementary!  Today, we are excited to introduce you to the amazing Barrow Buddies! Jenn Leahy and Lauren McElhannon were some of my very first clients over five years ago in my home studio and now they have inspired Ellen, Kristy, Katheryn, Vanessa and so many more people to live a life transformed. These ladies have lost well over 50 pounds combined, lost body fat and inches, but primarily feel strong in body, mind, an spirit! Please take a minute to learn about their transformation story and know that you, too, can do anything your put your mind to when you comitt to your goals and dreams and take action!

Lauren, Jenn, Ellen, Kristy, Katheryn, Vanessa! 

Lauren, Jenn, Ellen, Kristy, Katheryn, Vanessa! 

"Take care of yourself!" We hear this a lot when working at an elementary school.  Lots of fun and lots of stress!  As a school, we have decided that we are going to take this advice to heart and try to provide opportunities for all to take it too -- students, staff and families!  We see the benefits of putting forth lots of effort towards health and wellness, making our lives at home and school more manageable. The Transfit Team is so supportive - Caroline has taught staff and student exercise classes (both at our school and in the studio!), Katie has led a nutrition discussion, Caroline has come to the school for Holiday Extravaganza, for school wide assemblies and more!  Our Barrow Buddy Transfit group continues to grow and we've come together to support and encourage each other to work HARD for what we want - to be our healthiest, strongest selves!  All being working moms, we prioritize our health by checking in with each other, sharing nutrition tips, encouraging/motivating each other to exercise, and having FUN together!  We all agree that the Transfit Team is like no other - we value the spirit, passion and positive energy that they all exude.  Having a workplace culture of wellness provides the support and encouragement that we need to take care of ourselves.  We are so lucky and grateful to be surrounded by these powerful women in the commumity! 

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Ladies, we have loved getting to work alongside you! We are so proud of each of you and the impact you are making in so many lives! Keep up the hard work! 

If you or your business, would like to meet with us for a 1-1 session or a Cooperate Wellness program, please contact us at transfitathens@gmail.com for more information. We would love to work with you! 

Let's finish these last few days of March strong! Commit to achieving your goals and dreams! 


Team TransFit