😍Meet our Amazing July Client Spotlight🙌🏼 Ginger Hayden!

Sweet friend,

We are so excited to introduce to you this amazing teacher, mother and friend! Say hello to our July Client spotlight Ginger Hayden! Ginger gives 100% effort in everything she does and it shows in her work and in her workouts!  Her ALL IN & committed attitude has definitely paid off as she has transformed her body,mind, and spirit! Since Ginger has started at TransFit, she’s lost multiple percentages of body fat, toned her muscles, & has stayed committed to her whole body health plan for success. Please give Ginger some words of encouragement when you see her! She has worked so hard and we have been so blessed and excited to walk along side her and you in the journey to living transformed!

Let’s all continue to COMMIT to our goals this August just like Ginger has!


Hi, my name is Ginger Hayden and I am married to a wonderful man name Mike. We have three adult boys who live very active lives. Exercising and a healthy life style has always played an important role in our life. 

I grew up working in my mom’s health food store, where I ate clean and healthy. I started my regular exercising as a young adult and it has been very important in every phase of my life. I actually met Mike, in a gym.  While balancing a family and teaching first grade, I found that working out early in the morning was best. Now as an empty-nester, exercising has become more important to me. I want to be able to keep up with my family’s activity lifestyle. I also feel the need to work on strength and balance at this phase of my life.

This year has been a challenging one for me, both in the classroom and at home. Before Transfit, I found my morning workouts consisted of cardio, on the treadmill or the Elliptical, as a stress release. I was getting bored and in need of a change. Mike gave me a gift to Transfit for the summer. I was excited to make a change. I set a goal to go as many times a week as I possibly could. (M,W,F,S) I also set a goal to do every summer challenge they threw out. (I’m very competitive with myself). 

I tried to go to workouts 5 days a week because I love challenging my body.  I get a good feeling knowing that I have stretched myself and prevailed. At the end of the day, I view soreness and being tired as a good thing. 


Since summer is coming to and end and school is starting back, my goal is to continue with my morning workout and to maintain the JOY that sprung up in me, over the summer.  My long term goal is to have a body that can physically keep up with how “young” my mind thinks I am.

I want to thank TransFit and all the ladies that worked out in the mornings. They were full of energy and their strength  carried me through my workouts.

The thing that inspired me the most was the encouragement, the support, and the sweet spirit from Caroline and all the TransFit Team who truly acted like they cared. 

The first day I walked in, I could feel the presence of God in there."


Commit this August!

As our summer schedules come to an end and the school year begins, we want you to activate your mind, body, and spirit to make August the best month yet! Our goal in August is to be ACTIVE EVERY DAY and COMMIT to the WATER CHALLENGE! Even if it is a quick walk around the neighborhood, a nice walk with the family, swimming with the kids, yoga, or stretching, anything counts! Just get up and move for at least 30 minutes each day! Download the August COMMIT challenge and August Water Challenge to help keep track of your exercise and progress! Fill in each day with your activity and record your water intake and then email it to us at the end of the month for a chance to win a FREE session!

SALE!!! It is the last month to purchase the ALL-ACCESS PASS for only $175! We want to see you in the studio as much as we can! Purchase this pass now to help you COMMIT this August!

Middle School Girl Sessions will be starting back every Wednesday from 4:30-5:30 on August 21st! We are so excited to encourage your girls in the studio! Have them bring a friend to have a "workout buddy!"


AthHalf 2019 Training Plan

Start training for the AthHalf 2019 with our AthHalf training plan! This is a 12 week plan with a detailed calendar filled with different runs and workouts to get you ready for the big race. Download the plan below and start training today!

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Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 7.57.53 AM.png

Back to School Meal Plan

Get excited! Check out our meal plan filled with yummy recipes easy to meal prep for the week! These recipes will be a hit for your whole family - leaving every plate empty! With busy schedules during the week, set time aside to meal prep on a day that works for you- possibly over the weekend! Meal prepping will help you feel more organized and less rushed when it comes to making meals for your family. Download these tasty recipes and start your meal prepping today!

Back to School Tips and Tricks

TransFit RD Kaeti Shurling has some awesome tips and tricks to help your family get back in the routine of eating healthy! It’s important to get your kids involved in the process of choosing and making healthy recipes to keep them intrigued and excited! Check out the tips and tricks below to incorporate into your meal prepping!

AUGUST SPECIAL!! RD Kaeti Shurling is offering 10% off her nutrient sessions for August! Email transfitathens@gmail.com to set up a session today!

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We love being able to encourage you to lie transformed body, mind, and spirit!

Thank you for all that you do by being such an inspiring woman in this community! We are truly stronger together.

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Let us know how we can serve you! Email us at transfitathens@gmail.com if you have any questions or want to schedule a one-on-one.


Team TransFit


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