🏈Go Dawgs! Score a Touchdown with this Ab Workout!💪

Sweet friend,

Can you believe it’s already September?! We are so proud of you for staying committed in August, but now its time to build STRENGTH in September! FACT: When you do weight bearing exercises, yo use muscle. This helps build muscle tissue, and muscle tissue burns more calories when you are at resting state. Together, let’s increase our strength in September! We have new sessions starting this month along with our “Live Transformed” bible study! Join us for these new sessions to transform you body, mind, and spirit!

NO SESSIONS on Labor Day!

Enjoy your Monday off and we will see you back on Tuesday for a transforming workouts! Check out our transforming ab workout to do at home on Monday to start September off strong!

1-1 Session SALE!

Get 10% off 1-1 sessions when you use the code “TRANSFORM!” Come meet with one of our personal trainers to talk through your goals to help you transform body, mind, and spirit! We love helping out clients reach their goals and feel their best. Sign up for your 1-1 session on the TransFit app today!


Any session- every day we want to see you in the studio as much as we can! Purchase this pass now to help you build STRENGTH in September! We have seen with our clients that coming to TransFit 3-4 days a week has lead to the best results.

We would love you in the studio everyday!

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New Sessions to Help You Live Transformed

Live Transformed 6-week Bible Study

When: Wednesday’s at 6:15 pm starting on September 4th

Where: Watkinsville First Baptist Church

New TransFit Yoga Session

When: Tuesday’s at 10:30 starting on September 4th

Where: TransFit Athens

TransFit Girls

When: Wednesda’ys from 4:30-5:25pm

Where: TransFit Athens

TransFit Running Sessions with Lisa Patton

When: Monday’s at 8:20 am starting on September 9th

Where: TransFit Athens Outdoors

Prayer Time

When: Thursday’s from 12-1pm

Where: TransFit Athens

This time will be spent praying for our clients and staff, both generally as well as for specific requests. If you would like us to pray for you please contact Pam@transfitathens.com or any other staff member, or drop in at any time to be prayed for in person. It's our joy at TransFit Athens to present our requests to God.

Transformational Ab Workout

Start September strong by activating your core muscles! Building strength in your core muscles will make it easier to do all physical activity and can decrease back pain. Focus on tightening your transverse abdominals, the deepest abdominal muscle, and breathe deeply through each movement for the full benefit.

We Want to Celebrate YOU!

Come join TransFit Athens, Athens Running Company, and lululemon for a morning of transforming workouts, yummy food, and great giveaways! Drop in at any time before, during, or after sessions so we can celebrate you! We are so thankful to have amazing clients like you and love to encourage you to LIVE TRANSFORMED! Mark your Calendars!!

When: September 9th from 8am-12pm

What: Workouts, food, and giveaways to celebrate you!

Where: TransFit Athens


Meet our New Yoga Instructor!

Say hello to our new yoga instructor Hope Cook! She will be teaching our new yoga session on Tuesday at 10:30am! We are so excited to have Hope as a part of our TransFit team inspiring you!

I'm Hope Cook, a mom who discovered yoga in the midst of trying to re-discover who I was after having two kids. During my first yoga class, the teacher asked us to "drop within", to reconnect with our Maker and who we were made to be. It felt like an old, familiar friend I hadn't seen in a long time. It's remarkably easy to get wrapped up in my roles as wife, mom, PA, mission committee member, PTA member, etc. and to forget who I am down deep inside. Through getting quiet and shutting out all the chatter of my thoughts for one hour on a rubber rectangle, I was able to feel more like myself than I had in years. I was hooked. With each yoga class, I watched myself transform from whatever state of mind I'd been in before class to a more centered, more authentic version of me. I wanted to help others feel the same way I felt during and after yoga. I told myself that I'd pursue yoga teacher training when I retired one day. Then, I had an epiphany. Why wait until "one day" to do the things we're called to do? I had significant doubts about how I'd manage to work full-time, mother two kids, and support a husband who'd just started his Ph.D. while he also worked full-time. Through a series of serendipitous events (aka answered prayers), all the details worked themselves out, and I found myself sitting in yoga teacher training. I knew I was in the right place. When someone asked me to teach yoga at church, I found myself agreeing despite having a history hive-inducing performance anxiety. I have come to cherish the time I spend with the people in my class. I can't wait to share yoga with my friends at Transfit. The flow and cadence of the breath and movements of yoga pair well with poetry and scripture. The word "yoga" means to yoke with God. Being on the mat allows me to not only connect with myself, but to connect more deeply with God.”


AthHalf 2019 Training Plan

Start training for the AthHalf 2019 with our AthHalf training plan! This is a 12 week plan with a detailed calendar filled with different runs and workouts to get you ready for the big race. Download the plan below and start training today! If you would like to meet with Lisa to schedule a 1-1 Running Session please email her Lisa@transfitathens.com. Our TransFit Runners Workouts will start back September 9th! Mark your calendar for this fun outdoor Runners Workout!

September Strength Challenge

It’s time to build strength! Your CHALLENGE is to do a strength workout for at least 30 minutes, 3 times a week! Record your activity on the calendar to keep track of your strength progress! Start the September Strength challenge today by downloading the calendar below!

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 9.02.54 AM.png

Meal Prep Checklist

TRANSFORM your Nutrition by planning out your meals and snacks for the week! Choose one day a week and set aside a few hours to make your meals for you and your family for the week! Meal prepping helps you eat healthy on a busy schedule and can save you lots of time during the week! Check out these meal prep “must-haves” and download it for FREE to start meal prepping today!

Let’s start #livetransformed and stay strong in September! We want to see you in the studio as much as we can to help you build STRENGTH in September!

Thank you for all that you do by being such an inspiring woman in this community! We are truly stronger together.

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Let us know how we can serve you! Email us at transfitathens@gmail.com if you have any questions or want to schedule a one-on-one.


Team TransFit


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