Why you need strength training to transform your body! Awesome Olympic HIIT Workout!

Happy Saturday, sweet friends! It has been another awesome week in the studio. We love seeing each of your smiling faces! Each day is on step closer to the right direction when you are staying accountable to your goals! Continue to strive for progress- this weekend! Please try to book your exercise sessions for the week ahead and come 11:30 Tuesday to the FREE Transforming Goal Workshop! Sign up online, email us, or use the app (Special Events tab) so we know how many to expect! The lululemon ladies will be teaching all about how to reach your goals and we will have fun prizes & giveaways! 

Caroline Ward, Demetria Hunte, & Katie Woodall

Caroline Ward, Demetria Hunte, & Katie Woodall

Dee wanted to share with you why she feels strength training is so important to transform your body! 

It has been such an amazing 2 weeks working full time at TransFit and continuing to meet so many inspiring and dedicated women! What an amazing constant reminder of how much of a blessing TransFit and the TransFit family have been in my life. I am looking forward to a new season of growth and inspiration!

TransFit is so unique in that it provides for women something that is so commonly left out, strength training! Strength training is just what your body needs to fight the loss of muscle, bone mass and strength that comes with age. Resistance bands and balls, hand weights, barbells, and even your own body weight can be used as resistance when designing a strength-training program. Even better, all that new muscle and strength pays off in a long-term boost to your metabolism, which helps keep your body lean and sculpted. Suddenly, dumbbells sound like a smart idea! Below are some extra benefits to help explain why we as women should and need to build resistance training into our fitness plan.


Benefits of strength training for women:

  • Improved body composition & increase lean body mass
  • Increased metabolic efficiency (burn fat!)
  • Increased bone density
  • Decreased psychological stress
  • Increased energy levels and mood

Here is an awesome workout we want to share with YOU! This workout can be done anywhere and is great to take with you when you travel! Check out the video below!  

Dee is pictured doing the squat with shoulder press here! 

Let's work to finish this August strong! We know that you can achieve those goals you set at the beginning of the month. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you! 


Team TransFit