Thankful Thursday Celebrating Our Favorite Women! Celebrate our May Client Spotlight!


Happy Thursday! 

It was such a FUN week in the studio with our Celebrate Women's Week last week and we are still flying high from all the amazing energy YOU LADIES BRING TO TRANSFIT! We loved getting to celebrate you! Let's keep the celebration going all month long as we encourage, support and strengthen one another and keep our focus on making exercise our best medicine! 


Throughout Celebrate Women's Week, we were able to giveaway such fabulous prizes thanks to all these incredible people and businesses! A huge thank you to each business to helped us celebrate this past week! Shoutout to lululemon Athens for partnering with us to make the week so successful! 


We ended the week with an amazing Community Workout with all proceeds going to HOPE 139. Thank YOU for your generous donations to help us support such an incredible ministry. We are so thankful for your prayers and support for Shelley and Hope 139. Stay up to date on all happening with HOPE 139 HERE


After a wonderful Celebrate Women's Week, we want to celebrate our May Client Spotlight, Patti McWhorter! 

Patti's Transformation Story: 

I had a long and fulfilling career as a middle and high school language arts teacher, adjunct professor at UGA and Piedmont College, and language arts consultant at Northeast Georgia RESA. When I finally retired from teaching and education, however, I realized that I had no excuse not to implement an appropriate exercise program. Work provided my biggest excuse for not consistently exercising, other than walking. I desperately wanted to be stronger and more flexible – weight loss would hopefully follow.

After several friends mentioned Transfit, I called and made an appointment with Katie Woodall, who introduced me to the total program. I shared with Katie that I knew if I focused on losing weight and not on fitness, I would be frustrated and less likely to reach any goals I might set. So, I decided that the small group setting for personal training would be the best place to start. 

For over a year, I have tried to consistently attend Transfit sessions when I am in town – as many as four each week. I added the yoga sessions when those were offered, and I have recently started the HIIT sessions to focus on cardio fitness as well. I love the atmosphere that encourages each woman to do her best and not compare herself to others. Maybe it is my age, but I think that this is the most valuable lesson we can learn – this is not something I thought in my thirties or forties – I was constantly comparing myself to others and inevitably coming up “lesser than” every time.

When I attended Caroline’s Bible study, I experienced a major change in my thinking about food and fitness. I had never really connected honoring God to eating right and taking care of my health, and the acceptance of this connection has deepened my commitment to living healthier and remaining active as I age.

My initial goals of strength and flexibility remain my primary focus, along with eating well and drinking water. I do focus on eating less – portion control is important – but I generally allow myself to eat a small amount of something special when the opportunity presents itself.

Finally, my greatest challenge is taking the time to focus on exercise when I am not in town for sessions, so I tend to rely on walking. Caroline’s videos and routines are wonderful, but I still have to stop what I’m focused on and do them!

I continue to be a work in progress, as we all are, but I trust that the influence of Transfit will keep me headed in the right direction. I have a wonderful family – a husband, three married children, and three grandchildren, and I want to be healthy enough to enjoy time with all of them.

Patti, we are so proud of you! We hope and pray that each of you feel encouraged and inspired by Patti's story! What an example for us all. 

Let's finish this week strong! Focus on getting at least 80 oz of water and add some stretching time to your day! Make the most of each day. We believe in YOU! 

If you have any questions, please email us at 


Team TransFit

October Client Spotlight: Paige Colquitt

Hi sweet friends! 

We are almost though the month and our October Challenge is going strong! Activity daily and one positive statement is the October Challenge! We hope you are trying to get in some type of movement everyday and recording it on your October calendar! Also, it's not to late to start the challenge, or restart the challenge! Make every day count this month! Today, we have the joy of introducing you to our October client spotlight- Paige Colquitt!

Paige radiates inner and outer beauty and shines her bright spirit on everyone she meets! Paige is transforming daily in body, mind, and spirit and we LOVE Paige's daily goal "to take it one hour, one day at a time!"  YES, that is what living transformed is - resetting, restarting, refocusing one hour at a time- giving your best with what you have! Not comparing yourself but being grateful for your little blessings! 

Thank you Paige for that reminder! We are so proud of you!  


My journey to good health began after the birth of our second child in 1998. I had lots of baby weight to lose, so I started running... and running... and running. Running still continues to be my favorite cardio exercise. Running combined with less eating helped shed all those pounds.  

As I aged, I continued to exercise regularly. In addition to running, I love to swim, hike, bike and have just taken up paddleboarding with my husband! I LOVE the way exercise makes me feel...strong, confident and ready to tackle the day! Although I felt like I had the exercising part down pat, I quickly realized that I was missing a key component in to my health routine, that of good nutrition. I began to understand that eating the same types/amounts of food as a 50-year-old didn't yield the same results as when I was a 30-year-old. I began to feel frustrated. I was still exercising as much as ever. Why was I gaining weight? That's when I discovered TransFit. The timing was perfect.

I made an appointment with Katie Woodall, nutrition specialist at TransFit, who explained to me that the food choices I make should be looked at as a way of fueling and energizing my body. I had always looked at it as depriving myself of tasty foods and missing out on good food. This was a huge paradigm shift for me ... one that I desperately needed. Katie instilled in me four nutrition goals that I try to adhere to each day. 1) Drink lots of water daily. 2) Eat more protein. 3) Consume more greens. 4) Eat smaller, more frequent meals. Everyday is not perfect by any means, but I've realized by doing these four things, I feel so much more energized and happier!  


At the same time, I also enrolled in Caroline's Transformer classes. I had been doing some exercise "boot camps" at home, but knew I needed to change things up. After taking Caroline's first class, I knew it was different. The strength/interval training was just what my body needed. The class itself challenged me, kept my body guessing and had me coming back for more. I loved it and continue to enjoy it twice a week. Losing some weight, decreasing body fat, and increasing muscle mass have all been positive results I've seen. I sweat like I've never sweated before and leave each session ready to tackle the day! Another plus is that all the teachers are so encouraging and truly want you to succeed. TransFit has helped change my mindset as well. I've always been really hard on myself and expect perfection at times. I've learned not to beat myself up when I make mistakes and that God doesn't expect perfection from me... all He asks for is my dependence on Him. He loves me just as I am and asks that I trust Him daily. My favorite part of each TransFit class is when Caroline prays a closing prayer to lift us up and remind us that God's love is unfailing.

Lastly, a huge part of my health journey has been the fun of sharing it with my husband, Steve. He, too, is on board with making healthy food choices for himself and exercising daily. He is an awesome accountability partner and encourager. We've learned that we work so much better together as a team and strive to enter each day with positivity. 


Paige, we are so incredibly proud of you! We hope that Paige's story inspired and encouraged you! We love how Paige shared about the importance of whole body health through exercise and nutrition and accountability!  

Ladies, we can finish this month strong! Let's make it count and give it our BEST! We believe in you! If you have any questions or would like to schedule a 1-1 appointment with any of our trainers or dietitian and nutrition consultants, please email us at or register on our website or FREE app


Team TransFit


"I WILL..." Commit to Mental Strength


To go along with our Strength in September theme, we wanted to emphasize the importance of mental strength in our lives. While we focus on becoming physically strong through our challenge, such as the September Squat challenge, let's  take time to center our minds! 


So, what exactly does mental strength look like? A great example we wanted to share with you all is a small exercise you and your family (or roommates for our sweet college students) can do together. I, Caroline, recently read about a family who goes around the table during breakfast every morning and each of them give an "I will" statement for that day. These statements shape each individual's mind to allow them to live purposefully and intentionally for the day. At the end of the day, the family talks about what became of their "I will" statements, and what God was able to accomplish through them that day. What is it important to vocalize these statements?

Beginning our days with an "I will" statement allows us to live intentionally. God calls us in Colossians 4:5 to "Live wisely among those..., and make the most of every opportunity." In order to truly make the most of every opportunity, we need to live our lives with an "I will" mindset. We need to seek to find opportunities to share love and encouragement and give our best in every moment of the day. 

So today, we want to challenge you to set an "I will" statement. Even if it's just for the day of the week, begin to transform your mind by having an eternal mindset, living each day with purpose. Come join us on Tuesday's at noon for our NEW Biblical Meditation session and on Thursday's at noon for our TransFit Bible Study. You can sign up on the TransFit app HERE


Caroline and Team TransFit 


Amazing Client Spotlight: Hannie Lanclos

Happy Saturday, friends! 

Today, we want to introduce you to one of our sweet clients and share her inspiring story with you!  Hannie Lanclos lights up the room with her contagious joy and beautiful smile! Her hard work, determination, and positive attitude, even through adversity, are an encouragement and inspiration to us! Hannie has made an amazing transformation over the past few months at TransFit! Hanna exercises  2-3 times a week at TransFit with Trainer Katie Lord! We are so proud of all she has accomplished so far, and we are amazed at how God has worked in Hannie’s life!  We are excited to share her story with you today! Congrats Hannie - keep living transformed! 

My mom, sister, and I were in a terrible car accident on the way to school March 2, 2016.  I had multiple injuries, including a torn aorta, a C-2 spine fracture, a shattered pelvis, kidney and liver lacerations, brain bleeds, and a collapsed lung.  I spent 21 days total in the ICU at Egelston and on the rehabilitation floor at Scottish Rite and came home in a wheelchair, wearing a halo- brace for my broken neck.  I was in pretty bad shape, but after about 16 weeks, I was walking again on my own, and after 18 weeks, I got my halo off. I had to wear a neck brace for a while after that but was eventually discharged from physical therapy in September.


Before the accident, I ran cross-country for my school, but my main sport was horseback riding. Although I was released from physical therapy, I was nowhere near where I had been physically before the accident. I had lost a lot of muscle strength after 7 months of not doing any significant activity and could not return yet to my sports. I wanted to get back to where I was, but I had always hated the idea of exercising!  My mom found Trans Fit and made me go; I thought I would hate it!

I started going twice a week for 30-minute training sessions in October 2016, and I haven't quit because I have ended up loving it! I have come to realize that exercising actually makes me feel good — mentally and physically! Thanks to the encouragement and fitness plan of my trainer, Katie, I started riding horses again in December!  I love going to Trans Fit, getting stronger, and celebrating the body the Lord gave me back!

Hannie's mom also said- 

We have been so appreciative of the quality training Hannie has received at TransFit!  This March will be a year since the accident, and we will be forever thankful for all God has done to heal Hannie.  She has made such progress and looks forward to more!  We are glad Hannie is regaining her strength, but we are also glad she is learning the value of life-long regular exercise and healthy choices.  We believe God placed just the right people in the right places at the right time for Hannie’s miraculous recovery, and Trans Fit has now become part of that plan too! 

Hannie, we are so proud of your hard work and determination! You are an inspiration to all of us! Keep motivated, striving for progress daily! 

We look forward to seeing you next week in the studio! If you our your daughter would like to set up a 1-1 session with one of our trainers or nutrition consultants please email us or check the TransFit App under 1-1 Personal Training.

Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy the everyday blessings in your life! 


Team TransFit

Are you up for the Challenge? Try the 5 DAY Challenge to help your transformation!

Happy Saturday! 

We have had an amazing week here at the studio! Thank you for coming to help us celebrate TransFit's birthday! Let's finish the month of January Strong!  We have talked so much about goals and accountability!  Here's a goal for you...5 days no sugar?  How about trying our 5 day NO SUGAR CHALLENGE (TransFIVE) starting Monday? Download the free guide here.  Let's do this as a team and hold each other accountable to having no sugar next week! 

 Today, we want to introduce you to two of our amazing clients and share their inspiring story with you!  Amanda and Rylee Farmer have the most contagious smiles, positive attitudes, and they both have made incredible transformations over the past 6 months at TransFit! We are so excited to share their story with you today! Congrats Amanda & Rylee - keep living transformed! 


My 13-year-old daughter, Rylee, was diagnosed with a rare joint disease in her left knee in 2014. After being released from physical therapy last year following her second surgery, Rylee began one on one personal training sessions at TransFit. After just a couple of sessions, I noticed a transformation taking place in Rylee. She had more energy and was more confident. She was stronger! Rylee told me one day that I needed to try TransFit. That prompted me to sign up for my initial consultation.   

I quickly learned through the encouragement of the TransFit staff that taking care of myself was a form of worship. This shift in mindset gave me a fresh perspective on whole body fitness. I accepted the transFIVE Challenge to eliminate sugar for 5 days and went to my first Transformer class in October of last year. Each Sunday, I look at my schedule for the week and booked my TransFit classes. My goal is to attend two Transformer classes a week. At least one additional day a week, I either jump on my elliptical machine at home or take my dog to the park for a walk. I continue to be conscious of added sugar in foods and have made a commitment to eat more vegetables and whole grains. I plan out my meals each Sunday and grocery shop accordingly. I like to keep yogurt, hard boiled eggs, and fresh fruit on hand for quick snacks. I also commit to drinking 80 ounces of water before I’m “allowed” my afternoon coffee or tea.

Since starting TransFit in October, I have lost over 15 pounds and gained a new TransFit family. I have learned to be purposeful in the way that I approach fitness and nutrition and to always remember that “yes I can!”.

Kale and Black-Eyed Pea Soup (adapted from a Southern Living recipe)

  • 8 ounces dried black-eyed peas, rinsed
  • ¼ teaspoon dried crushed red pepper
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 jalapeño pepper, seeded and minced
  • 2 carrots, cut into 1inch pieces
  • 1 large sweet onion, diced
  • 2 cooked boneless, skinless chicken breasts, diced
  • 2 cups kale, trimmed and chopped
  • 1 tablespoon hot sauce
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
  • hot cooked brown rice

1.    Bring peas and 6 cups water to a boil in a Dutch oven. Cover, reduce heat to medium, and simmer 45 minutes or until peas are tender, skimming any foam from surface. Drain peas, reserving 1 1/4 cups liquid.

2.    Sauté next 5 ingredients in olive oil over medium high heat 10 minutes or until vegetables are tender. Add peas, reserved 1 1/4 cups liquid, chicken, kale, hot sauce, bay leaf, and 6 cups water. Bring to a boil; reduce heat to medium and simmer, stirring occasionally, 30 minutes. Stir in vinegar. Season with salt and pepper. Discard bay leaf. Serve over rice.

Amanda and Rylee we are so proud of you both! Keep motivated and focused on your goals! 

We will begin our Live Transformed Bible Study February 3 from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM. We would love for you to join us! Sign up on MindBody or the app

New sessions will be added in the evenings in February! Please check our new schedule for updated sessions!

If you have any questions, please email us at 


Team TransFit

Why you need strength training to transform your body! Awesome Olympic HIIT Workout!

Happy Saturday, sweet friends! It has been another awesome week in the studio. We love seeing each of your smiling faces! Each day is on step closer to the right direction when you are staying accountable to your goals! Continue to strive for progress- this weekend! Please try to book your exercise sessions for the week ahead and come 11:30 Tuesday to the FREE Transforming Goal Workshop! Sign up online, email us, or use the app (Special Events tab) so we know how many to expect! The lululemon ladies will be teaching all about how to reach your goals and we will have fun prizes & giveaways! 

Caroline Ward, Demetria Hunte, & Katie Woodall

Caroline Ward, Demetria Hunte, & Katie Woodall

Dee wanted to share with you why she feels strength training is so important to transform your body! 

It has been such an amazing 2 weeks working full time at TransFit and continuing to meet so many inspiring and dedicated women! What an amazing constant reminder of how much of a blessing TransFit and the TransFit family have been in my life. I am looking forward to a new season of growth and inspiration!

TransFit is so unique in that it provides for women something that is so commonly left out, strength training! Strength training is just what your body needs to fight the loss of muscle, bone mass and strength that comes with age. Resistance bands and balls, hand weights, barbells, and even your own body weight can be used as resistance when designing a strength-training program. Even better, all that new muscle and strength pays off in a long-term boost to your metabolism, which helps keep your body lean and sculpted. Suddenly, dumbbells sound like a smart idea! Below are some extra benefits to help explain why we as women should and need to build resistance training into our fitness plan.


Benefits of strength training for women:

  • Improved body composition & increase lean body mass
  • Increased metabolic efficiency (burn fat!)
  • Increased bone density
  • Decreased psychological stress
  • Increased energy levels and mood

Here is an awesome workout we want to share with YOU! This workout can be done anywhere and is great to take with you when you travel! Check out the video below!  

Dee is pictured doing the squat with shoulder press here! 

Let's work to finish this August strong! We know that you can achieve those goals you set at the beginning of the month. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you! 


Team TransFit

Kickin' It Into High Gear For Summer: A Brand New Total Body Workout

Happy Friday sweet friends! We made it though another awesome week in the TransFit studio! Many of you have met our amazing new trainer Demertria Hunt and if you haven't yet you are in for a treat this summer! "D"  has the most most beautiful smile, a heart that loves the Lord, and a passion for whole body health. Her favorite type of exercise is to incorporate kickboxing in with her strength training for a total body fat blasting session! Below she explains her favorite exercises! Join "D" this summer in a total body TransFit kickboxing session Tuesday and Thursdays at 7:30 am or Wednesdays at 11:30! Hope to see you knocking it out in the TransFit kickboxing rink! 

What a  blessing to meet and familiarize myself with so many new faces these past few weeks in the TransFit studio! I am so excited to connect and share a little bit about myself as I continue to build relationships with each one of you! I truly cherish everyday that I get the privilege to come in contact with such amazing and faith driven ladies and hopefully this blog will be a great way for you all to get a feel of how I love to live transformed!

Many times with a busy schedule or a cardio routine that tends to stay the same it can become easy to get bored, or even make it difficult to challenge ourselves daily. As a former athlete, I have become very comfortable with having a specific set schedule and specific workout regimen, however with a change of schedule and new responsibilities it has been a blessing in that I now have the opportunity to foster my love for learning new ways to put a twist on my cardio routine. More specifically I have fallen in love with cardio kickboxing. There are so many different approaches to getting in your cardio each day and week, so why not switch it up from time to time?

Kickboxing can serve as an amazing outlet to free yourself of any judgment, and really let loose. When you are working out you can find your special place, give it everything you've got, or even challenge your self to step out of your comfort zone! Kickboxing also functions as a great source of cardio and muscle endurance work on a busy day when you may not have enough time for a full cardio session. Although it is exciting to have an official punching bag, all of these exercises can even be done without a punching bag! Kicking, punching, and plyometric repetition can become your new secret weapon in the gym, or at home just like it has become mine! I would love to share and let you all take a peak into some of my favorite kickboxing mini circuits!


1.Jab Punch, Cross Punch, Round Kick, Cross punch -- repeat for 3 min


2.            Right Hook high, Right Hook low (10x) - 2 Front Kicks, 1 Burpee -- repeat for 3 min

3.            Squat to Jab punch, Cross punch (10x)- 10 Plank Punch Outs - 5 Sit Up to Punch -- repeat for 3 min


As with any high intensity workout be sure to pay close attention to your breathing as you complete these exercises. Focusing on inhaling and getting oxygen into your lungs and exhaling as you execute the exercise! Most of all let loose, have fun with it, and get your sweat on! Looking forward to seeing you in the TransFit studio to kickbox that stress out! 

Here is a preview of our June schedule! Please email with any questions. All sessions can be scheduled on our new Mind Body App or online at


Caroline & "D"





How can you give your BEST this LAST WEEK in October?

Can you believe it's the last week of October already? It seems like just yesterday we were headed into this month- focusing on being optimistic and striving to reach goals we never thought possible. What have you been focused on this month? What goals have you accomplished? Congratulations to so many amazing women who completed the 4 Day Challenge! So proud of you!   Comment below on a goal you reached this month, we would love to hear from you! 

As we head into this last week, I want to encourage each of you to try something new. Whether that be walking or running a distance you never have, trying a new workout, yoga, or making a new, healthy recipe for your family- let's all go a little out of our comfort zones this week and push ourselves to further our healthy lifestyles. One thing you could try this week is a new smoothie recipe! Here is  one of my all time fall favorites below- let me know how you like it!