Mother and Daughters Client Spotlight You Are Going to LOVE!

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Thank you for challenging yourself to run the race with perseverance this week! Wow, we had an amazing week in the studio!  Today, we have the honor and joy of highlighting three of our amazing clients! These three are special, as they are a mother and twin daughters client spotlight! Elizabeth, Cynthia, and Cindy are our April client spotlights, each with their own personal transformation story! 

These TransFit ladies will inspire you to keep giving your best one hour, one day at a time to live transformed


Cindy Lester's transformation story: 

I’ve always been an outdoors “Tomboy” growing up climbing trees, riding bikes, playing baseball and football as a kid…. And I have played Tennis and golf most of my life.  About eight years ago, at 60 years old, playing golf at the Country Club, I was “just slightly” in the woods on one of my drives and slipped on a tree root, breaking my fibula. After that, I started therapy and a workout routine that continues today. I started then and have continued cardio workout at the club for an hour a day, 3 times a week. I generally try to do TransFit two days a week, tennis one or two days a week and golf when it’s pretty (fair weather golfer). I love tennis and we’re on a 4.0, 65 and over tennis team that will go to state in October – just because we have no local competition.  Our tennis team did go all the way to Nationals back in 2009 in Palm Springs, California and came in second place Nationally…. Thanks to everyone else on the team! I have really enjoyed the weight exercises and just feeling more fit after starting TransFit classes… I continue to work professionally at Synovus Trust Company, managing the local Athens division and really enjoy meeting and getting to know new clients and people through my work. And finally, I’m ABSOLUTELY most proud of my girls, their families, and their personal accomplishments. 

Cindy and her grandkids! 

Cindy and her grandkids! 

Elizabeth Johnson's transformation story:

Although I have been active in sports all my life, medical school and residency seemed to take my time and slow my focus on exercising. My husband and I moved back to Athens after finishing my residency in Internal Medicine, and I had just given birth to our son, Cole.  Again, it seemed being a new mom and working to build a practice put a daily exercise routine on the back burner.  Finally, Cynthia, my twin sister, moved back to Athens as well.  We have always encouraged and challenged each other. About 6 years ago, we started doing home programs together at lunch at my sister’s house. We kept each other accountable and would text daily about which workout we were going to do when finished seeing patients for the morning.  It got me back exercising 5 days a week and I had so much energy. Even on weekends, Cynthia and I would encourage each other to make up a day if we had missed during the week.  

Elizabeth Johnson and family

Elizabeth Johnson and family

In June of 2017, Cynthia had given my mom and I a gift card to TransFit for Christmas, and I finally used it one Saturday morning. Cynthia had already been going so she could show me the ropes.  I got in several Saturday morning classes and loved it, but it was only 1 day a week and I would exercise on my own during the weekday.  I kept telling myself I could never make 5:30 am work. Even Caroline gently suggested I try a 5:30 am class.  Cynthia again had recently tried the 5:30 am class, and I knew if she could make it work with getting the kids to school then I could too. I remember not sleeping at all that first October night I knew I was going at 5:30 am because I was so nervous about making it home, getting dressed myself, and getting the kids up and ready. However, since October I have been going to TransFit most Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings and I love it. It starts my day off right and keeps me more motivated during the day! 


Exercise isn’t everything though, it's a piece to transformation. Having my son in travel baseball and daughter in gymnastics makes for eating out a lot during the weekend. This can blow an entire week of hard work. I try, although definitely not always, to make good choices.  I am better some weeks than others. I have started packing a healthy snack bag thanks to Katie Woodall’s great suggestions recently. I love the Oatmega bars, Chomps beef sticks, and Organic fit bars. Plus, my children now will go to the snack bag first instead of asking for money at the concession stands, so they are getting less junk. I have a small refrigerator in my office that I can keep Greek yogurt and cut veggies to snack on at work. I have started getting weekly meals from Perfect Portions with Kaeti Shurling during the week to help keep me accountable with weeknight sporting events. My current goal is the late night snacks or meals. Many weekend nights, we are driving home from a tournament at 10 pm and my son needs something to eat after his game. At that hour, fast food is about the only thing open. I’m tired and this is when I make my worse food decisions. If home, I probably would be asleep.  So, my goal going into more Spring and Summer sports is to make better food decisions.


Cynthia Shepherd's transformation story:

I grew up in Watkinsville. My mother, Cindy Lester, and twin sister, Elizabeth Johnson are also clients at Transfit. I grew up in a very active family. Elizabeth and I started playing tennis at age 5. We were very competitive and played tournaments growing up. We eventually played in high school at OCHS at  No. 1 singles and No. 1 doubles. We also played basketball and volleyball. Learning to study and do homework with a busy after school sports schedule was something that definitely prepared me to for the years ahead in medical school, residency and fellowship. As a family growing up, my parents also instilled the importance of being active together as a family. Despite both parents working full-time jobs, they supported us at every event, home and away. We enjoyed playing golf, water skiing and going for long walks in Madison with my grandmother. 

My husband and I moved back to Watkinsville, our hometown, in July 2011. At that point, we had a 3-year-old daughter and a 9-month-old son. I was not back to my pre-baby weight and this affected my mood and outlook about myself. I started doing home workouts and ultimately encouraged my sister to be my accountability partner. We would work out at lunch together 4-5 days a week. Still, I was not happy with my weight and knew that my diet was not where it should be. I signed up for Caroline’s Nutritional program in the Summer/Spring of 2013 and loved the weekly meal plans and grocery lists. Her meals are healthy for the whole family and easy to cook. While exercising consistently 5 days a week and following my daily meal plan, I was able to get to my goal weight. 


I started working out with Transfit approximately 2 years ago and love the Transformer workouts. I initially started going 1-2 days per week and worked out at home the remaining days. Now I have found the 5:30 AM class fits great with my schedule and helps me start my day more alert and on a positive note. I usually work out 3 days a week at Transfit and 2-3 days a week at my home gym. I love HITT training, running and interval training. My husband has done a number of Ironmans and ½ Ironmans, so he encouraged me to do the Tri-to-Beat Cancer’s Duathlon a few years ago.  I find working out with others is very motivational and love the positive inspiration and encouraging smiles from all the Transfit trainers.  I have definitely gained muscle and strength. It’s also pretty awesome to work out with my 67 y/o mother at Transfit on some afternoons. My children know that if I don’t get to exercise, I am grumpy. They see that exercise is an important part of my life and have learned more about making healthy choices.

As an oncologist, I stress to my patients that exercise and eating a heart-healthy diet with plenty of lean protein and veggies is the best way to fight and prevent cancer. Exercise also relieves stress and anxiety and can also help prevent other diseases such as Alzheimer’s dementia (particularly interval training), cardiac disease and osteoporosis. 

In regards to meal planning, I have found that using Kaeti Sterling’s Perfect Portions has been a wonderful time savior for my family and a nutritional way to feed my family quickly when I get home late from work.  My family’s favorite recipes include turkey meatballs and turkey burgers.                                                                                                                                                                                              


Thank you, ladies, for sharing your transformation story! We are so proud of each of you!

Let these stories inspire you to start today on your journey for total body transformation! The time is NOW!  We are here for you! We hope that you feel inspired and encouraged by each of their stories

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