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Let's Run STRONG Into This Week! Here Is How to Jump Start Your Week!

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Good Morning Sunday! 

 We are so thankful to head into another amazing week in the TransFit Athens Studio and we are ready to inspire and encourage you! In honor of the Boston Marathon tomorrow, all our sessions this week will be running inspired! WHAT does that mean?!? Get ready to reset and recharge your body with extra emphasis on strengthening and toning the glutes, hips, and core! Below is a new home workout you can do today to jump-start your week! 

We are so proud of all of our TransFit walkers, joggers, and runners and we hope to cheer you on, as we each run our own race- the race of LIFE! 


Spring is an amazing time of the year for running or brisk walking. Try to get in that morning jog or evening walk, since the sun stays up much later! While training for any race, it's easy to just focus on building up mileage or doing interval training. However, it is also beneficial to include some strength training to properly develop your muscles and help prevent injuries. We have developed sessions and a home workout with runners/walkers in mind! Try this NEW inner thigh workout to get those legs ready for a nice long walk or run!  

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We each have a race set before us! May we look to the Lord for guidance while running the race marked before us! We hope to see you in the studio this week! The days you aren't in the studio, try to get in an extra walk or run! Text or email us pictures and tag #transfitrunning in your posts! We are stronger together TransFit Community. If you have a goal to run a race this year, schedule a 1-1 session with Lisa to help you achieve your goals! You can purchase a session on our website HERE or app HERE

We believe in you and know you can do it!


Make sure to sign up for sessions in advance, so that we know you are coming and can plan for you! Don't forget about our new sessions and Lunch and Learn coming up! You can sign up on the app HERE!

If you have any questions, please email us at 


Team TransFit