Happy Mother's Day to the Amazing TransFit Women! 💗


Happy Mother's Day to our sweet TransFit women! 

We are so grateful for each of you! You are so deserving of this day to celebrate! We hope that you feel loved and encouraged today. Take time to spend time with your family, friends, and loved ones rejoicing over the gift of being a woman. You are a difference maker, a world changer, and a beautiful lady inside and outside! 

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We loved seeing all of our mother-daughter duos at our Community Session yesterday morning! We were filled with full hearts as we celebrated the beautiful & inspiring women in the community! All ages, sizes, colors, mothers & daughters sweat, laughed and gave their best in the total body mind & spirit workout! We loved honoring all the strong women we know today! Keep living transformed ladies- we love you! 

We pray that you feel supported and inspired today, as you are celebrated! If you missed our April Client spotlight, check out this amazing mother and daughters client spotlight transformation story


We will still be celebrating all week in the studio this coming week so come get revived and renewed for a strong finish to May and the Transformation Challenge!  

We love you! 


Team TransFit


September Client Spotlight: Meg Parker



I am so excited to brag on Meg Parker this month for the September Client Spotlight!!! Meg is a highly respected financial advisor, mother of 2 precious kiddos, and a wife! Meg started exercising at TransFit 6 months ago and has completely changed her body type. She is a muscular, sleek woman and is one of the strongest women I have worked with this year! Meg has lost 10 pounds over the course of 6 months, decreased her body fat, and continues to push herself in all that she does. She is such an inspiration to so many women!

Her Field:

I am a senior financial advisor/vice president at Merrill Lynch. In a nutshell, I help my clients (individuals and families) pursue their long-term financial goals! I do this through finding the appropriate mix of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs to fit their personal objectives and risk tolerance. I monitor progress towards goals and keep the investment strategy consistent with any changes that take place in their lives and/or business. Her Fitness:

As far as exercising goes, I have always been a pretty active person. I rode horses my entire childhood, played sports in school, took an exercise hiatus in college, and then lived out west for a year and a half where we biked, hiked, jogged, and walked. For the past 9 years (prior to TransFit), I would go through phases of exercising, but it would be all weight training and no cardio OR all cardio and no weight training; then I’d take some time off, etc. So basically, I had no real pattern to my workout schedule. After 2 kids, this no-patterned workout did not work, because I was not seeing any results and I felt bloated, etc. After working out at TransFit for a few months, I finally feel like I have a great balance of weight training and cardio.

Her Food:

I thought that if I worked out, I could eat or drink whatever I wanted: a cookie here, some chips there.  Over the past 6 months I have become more aware of eating the right (and REAL) foods and drinking more water, green tea, etc.

Her Fortitude:

My clothes are fitting MUCH better, and I truly feel the best I have ever felt. I believe this is all due to a perfect balance in exercise and cutting out LOTS of preservatives and sodium, and eating MORE fruits and veggies, drinking more water, etc. I have also FINALLY lost the bloated feeling that I have had since having kids. Caroline has taught me to take much better care of my body bywatching what I put in it, stretching more (which I NEVER used to do), and following the right exercise regime.