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Finish Last Five Days of June feeling your BEST!

Hello friends! 

We had such a great week in the studio! Thank you for working so hard and being so determined to reach your goals! We realize that summer can be a hard time to stick to any routine, but let's focus the goals we set at the beginning of the month and give our best these last 5 days to achieve success and reach our goals the last week of June! 

Today, we want you to try our TransFIVE Challenge! This 5-day challenge focuses on eliminating sugar from your body and reviving your body, mind, and spirit. It includes a 5 day meal plan, recipes, tips, daily inspiration, and more! We have the ebook is free and has with a summer meal plan and recipes! This is a great time to challenge yourself, as we finish out this month! You can do it! 

The TransFit community and anyone who wants to join us will start the TransFIVE Challenge this Monday! Join in the challenge and download the TransFIVE ebook for FREE, plus be added to the TransFIt Facebook group to join other ladies in this journey! To download the free ebook click HERE

Spend time today preparing for your upcoming week by scheduling your workouts and prepping your nutrition. Create a weekly calendar and plan your meals and exercise, so that you are not in a scramble each day, wondering what to cook or when to fit in your exercise. Please try to book sessions at least 24 hours in advance, so that we know you are coming and can specifically prepare the workout for you! Let's finish this month strong! If there is anything we can do to to help you, please email us at Enjoy your weekend! 


Team TransFit  

Finish March Strong! FREE 5 day No Sugar Challenge Guide inside!

Happy Sunday! 

We had an amazing week in the studio and look forward to finishing March strong with you! Today, refocus your mind on those goals you set at the beginning of the month. We can finish this month, just as strong as we started! We hope that you have been exercising daily for our Maximize your Motivation in March challenge! Bring in your calendars at the end of the week, to be entered for a month of free sessions! Today, we want to challenge you to take our TransFive challenge. What better time to start, than the last 5 days of March?  Also, please join us for our Lunch & Learn this coming Friday at 12:30 at the studio to learn about meal prepping for Spring and the benefits of probiotics and gut health for optimal wellness.

Our TransFive challenge is a five day SUGAR elimination challenge. We will send you our eBook that is filled with a 5 day meal plan, recipes, tips, and daily scripture to help you conquer the challenge! As you accept this challenge keep these tips in mind: 

  • Avoid simple carbohydrates, like processed breads, cereals.
  • Avoid added sugars in foods, artificially sweetened desserts and candy.
  • Consume ALL your meals prior to 7:00 P.M. Then, brush your teeth for the night and avoid any food until the next morning when you eat breakfast.
  • Drink a minimum of 100 ounces of water DAILY.
  • Try to eat less fruits and MORE veggies!
  • Exercise each day for a minuimum 30 minutes- one option would be to alternate your strength training and cardiovascular exercise.

We are ending March strong with our Lunch and Learn event, March 31. Join us in the TransFit studio for a delicious lunch from The Pine, while learning tips on how to meal prep! Our TransFit team and Health Coach and Specialist, Jennifer Rickard, will be teaching about the importance of meal prepping. Jennifer will teach us about the connection between the guy and overall health and wellness. Cost to cover lunch is $10. To register, please sign up on our app under special events, HERE! We would love to have you! 

Thank you for accepting the challenge! You are strong and you can complete these FIVE DAYS! We believe in YOU! Download our app, TransFit to book sessions and find recipes, inspiration, and workouts! Follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat @transfitathens, to keep up with what is happening in the studio, enter in great giveaways, and find new recipes or workouts to try! If you have any questions, please email us at 


Team TransFit