Transform "Hard Core" Ab Workout

Hello sweet friends! It's time to finish April strong and come alive! This week we want to challenge you to come alive through a touching ab workout! You can add in this ab workout with our April challenge! You can find this workout on our YouTube page HERE


Abs are one of the major areas where our diet plays a key role. Everyone always wants to work on their abs, "love handles," and the core of the body. Your core is a major part of all movement. Having a strong core will help you be able to do every day tasks better and with ease. We've got a great ab workout for you that, when paired with a healthy diet, will torch unwanted belly fat and assist in creating a super strong core! 

Four key components to a strong core

  1. Exercise- Doing a healthy balance of strength training and cardio is essential to toning your mid-section! You'll notice at the end of this awesome workout there is a jump rope minute! This minute of cardio gets your heart rate UP and helps you burn more fat! 
  2. Diet- Eating a balanced, healthy diet is KEY to maintaining a lean midsection! Fill your diet with greek leafy vegetables, lean protein and other nutrient dense foods to reveal those abdominal muscles! 
  3. Sleep- Rest is essentail to burning fat! Allow your body recovery time in order for it to burn fat most effectively! 
  4. Stress management- For many reasons, stress is detrimental to maintaining a trim waistline. When we are stressed, we not only tend to exercise less and eat less healthy- we cause stress on our bodies which hinders it from burning fat.

We are ending this month strong as we advance our entire body health in ways that we may never have before. Remember friends it is not about being perfect - it is about being better than you were yesterday! Keep making awesome progress and invest in your health this month. Please let us know how we can help you reach your goals! For more recipes and workouts, please click HERE to find our Transform section of our website! 


Team TransFit